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Venturi Certifier – Guide


Venturi Certifier helps you to find unused (unutilised) green states. Also helps you to check the correctness of the traffic light program.
This guide will help you to make better Traffic Light Programs. On average you can gain 3-8% more green time for a given traffic light program.

Only for registered users

You can only use the tool, if you registered.

Disclaimer about beta version

This version of the Certifier tool is in Beta version. We (the provider of the service, by means of venturi.systems) do not take any responsibility for the resulting programs. Though we thrive perfection there are thousands of edge cases which we cant cover in the means of this free tool. Please, after certifying your program, double check it to make sure of correct innergreen times and no conflicting green times. If you find anything wrong, please contact us on our email address.

No data collection

This tool do not collects any of your personal data. Any program and matrix that you use, only used once for making your program better, and after that the programs and matrices permanently deleted.


For this tool you will need two data inputs:

  • inner green matrix for the junction
  • the Traffic Light Program(later.: TLP) which you would like to certify ~ improve


As a result, you can achieve a better TLP, you can check for faults in your program(please note our disclaimer) and add yellow states to the signals.

How to use it?

Use our tool only for your responsibility.

Inputs – Outputs

The inputs should be in this form. Inner green matrix

Traffic Light Program

We provide a template Google Sheets, so you can prepare your programs too.



Do this same to achieve correct results

You must copy from Google Sheets workbooks only. If you copy a program from other text editors, the charset or encoding may fail the TLP optimizing.


If you have prepared your inputs, follow these steps:

  • copy the TLP
  • insert into the top textbox on the Certifier page
  • in the same way, paste the inner green matrix to the lower textbox
  • now type in a “lane to start”
  • press OPTIMIZE button
  • your result is copied to the clipboard, and the improvement percentage showed on the left in green color
  • you can paste the result into the “TLP Template Empty”

And if you toggle between the original and the new TLP, you can see where it applied the extra unused green times

Handy tips:

  • to copy the program to the clipboard again, press Optimize and Certify button again.
  • to modify the TLP, edit the Google Sheets document.
  • in Google Sheets, just stretch the given state, to cover more seconds


[soon, we will make a tool, to double-check the program for conflicts and enough inner green times. Please contact us, if you would like to try out the TLP checker before release.]

Submit an error

If you find any bug, issue or problem using this tool, be kind to write us a letter to our email.

Rights and responsibility

We, as the providers of this website and tool, could not be held liable for the consequences that the optimized programs make. Yes, we are happy to see good results, but to ensure that the programs will not cause harm, we thoroughly encourage you to double-check your program with your best methods, to ensure that there are no conflicting green signals or lower than allowed inner green times.

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